Chuck & Kelly Wedding – Palos Verdes Estates

My boss Charles Spagnola was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer mid-2015. I remember the blow when I found out – I remember just a few days earlier rejoicing when he told me that his Cath Scan results were good. Apparently, he needed time to process the news... read more

Fine Art Prints & Canvas Prints Now Available

Bring this “STARRY NIGHT” photograph into your home printed on the high-quality canvas uniquely nestled into a brushed metal frame. STARRY NIGHT can be purchased for a mere $220 in a 20×9 float-framed canvas. If you prefer a mirror-wrapped canvas, I... read more

The Desert

There is a stark beauty about the desert. There is a certain light that you don’t get anywhere else. There are colors that emerge against the earth tones of rock and sand that feel different. My good friend Thomas Lichtenwalter and I seem to be drawn to desert... read more

Lydia at The Camp and The Lab

Not bad for plan B – eh? We took advantage of the smorgasbord of textures and colors at the Anti Malls in Costa Mesa. I hope I did this girl justice and accomplished the portrayal of her sweet and quirky spirit. Everybody…meet Lydia…    ... read more

A day with the Lampkins

It’s always nice to be invited into somebody’s home and partake in the family dynamics! This lovely family was recently blessed with a new soul – Kennedy Anne, so the gathering was especially celebratory. May the blessings you have already received... read more

About Me

Hi there! I am based in Long Beach, California and aspire to be inspired. I love all forms of photography and evolve every time I look through the viewfinder. I love to discover, invent, re-invent, look, feel, touch, and take in all the over-looked beauty that surrounds us daily. In my six-year journey as a photographer I’ve embraced every opportunity. I’ve had the pleasure of doing numerous shoots for the great Keb Mo and feel tremendously blessed to be able to live out my passion!

I love capturing emotion just about as much as I love the expression itself.  I’d love to chat with you about your vision for memorializing your life or special event.

So…give me a holler:


Andrea Lucero


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“What can I say about Andi? The enthusiasm, the respect, and the admiration I have for her is beyond compare.

I’ve watched Andi grow as a person and then find her voice as an artist. This is no ordinary photographer !
In the 22 years that I have been working with the best photographers in the industry, it’s rare that I see one that can capture , I mean REALLY “capture” someones soul the way that Andi can.

I’m reminded of one of my favorites, Paolo Roversi, by the way that I feel that I can look into a picture of one of Andi’s subjects and feel the empathy, the compassion, the love that they are feeling. I don’t know too many photographers that can do that.

Many culture’s believe that a photographs “steal your soul”,
In Andi’s case I like to think that you are hiring her to show you and your loved ones a “reflection” of your soul.

We should all be so lucky, as to see the world “THRU ANDI’S LENS”” August 16, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

- Dyana Aives


Dyana Aives

We were MORE than thrilled to have had such an amazing experience with Andrea shooting our wedding! Of course, we knew she was a great person from all the ravings of her sister, Angela, but we didn’t know how fun, easy to hang with, and crazy creative she would be as our photographer! We have so many truly incredible moments captured…images of everything and of everyone…just as we wanted it to be. Seeing the expressions of friends and family, as well as our own enthrallment and captivation, is a treasure of memories we can enjoy at any moment for the rest of our lives. Andrea’s lens is uniquely inspiring, fun loving and clever all in one. Her integrity, both as an artist and a person, are unmatched. Thank you, Andrea, for hearing our hearts and giving us the gift of your wonderful self, heart and soul! We love you!

- Sheryl and Cliff Richardson


Sheryl and Cliff Richardson

“We were just given the disc with all of our wedding pictures and get to revisit that day. Andrea talked to us before hand about what we wanted, and I was amazed with how well she understood the vision I tried to convey. She really focused on capturing the candid moments which I was scared I would miss in the rush of the day. Looking at the pictures, I think I get to absorb more of my wedding than I did on the actual day. I mean, let’s face it, I was just excited to be married. I can’t wait to print these pictures and add them to our home.”

- August Ligtenberg

August Ligtenberg