A Casual Affair

A Casual Affair
Justin and Chelsey celebrated their union at the beautiful Tivoli II, which is nestled in artsy Laguna Canyon.  Anybody who has ever partaken in the Sawdust Festival would have probably driven by it.  What I loved about this reception was that is was so “Chelsey” (who is near and dear to my heart). She is one of those people who comes through your life and sticks! Unassuming as she is – with a spirit of unmatched genuineness – here’s Chelsey with her Justin…
Hoping this statue will come to life for you guys…

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  1. Once again, the name says it all… Thru Andi's Lens, the world is just more beautiful. Not all weddings are big, lavish, gala affairs, some are more casual, more personal. You managed to capture not only their love but the intimacy of their union. Absolutely gorgeous . We should all be so lucky to see the world thru your eyes.


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