Pillow Fight!

Featuring the winners of my family shoot give-away…the beautiful Laura, Lauren, and Catherine.
We decided to explore and have some fun!
Living this fast-paced life, it’s always nice to slow down to look, listen, and see. As we stepped into a a land wild and untamed….yet peaceful…I forgot for a while that I’m in Southern California.
I can’t hear the static of the traffic anymore…the sound of chirping has now taken it’s place.
I take in all the little things that usually go unnoticed…I feel the sun on my skin and all my sense are awakened.  Wonder if anyone else here notices…the beauty of it all…but I think so…because it evokes a sense of adventure in Lauren and Catherine and they begin to tell me stories of their outings here with their friends and it brings back memories of my own childhood!
What a great day I spent with these 3 vivacious young women…

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