I was so excited when Keb Mo’s wife commissioned me to shoot Kevin’s live performance during his recent CA tour.  Not only was it fun, challenging, and inspiring to do my first official live performance shoot, but I got to catch up with Kevin and take in a cool show at the same time.  Keb Mo’s new album “The Reflection” captures Keb Mo at his best and the long awaited album holds up to all of Keb’s fans’ expectations! On this album Keb collaborates with artists such as India Arie, Vince Gill, Dave Koz, and others you might know – check out his site here for further details and to take a listen for yourself.
“Something Within Me” is a song near and dear to my heart as some of his family members are featured on it including the talented Mark Wyatt (my sister Angela’s ex husband). I’ recently posted a cool You Tube link of this song performed on the BING stage in Portland on FB but for those of you who missed it – here you go…You Tube Link…you’ll probably enjoy getting the scoop on how this song came together…I know I did!

It goes without saying that I’ve been so inspired by it all and so I’m gonna start with a pic I shot from the back of the stage where he’s strapping on his next guitar – I put some words to it to describe the feeling I got…

Vail Johnson on the Bass
The amazing Michael B. Hicks
Hopefully there will be an encore…



  1. ohhhhhhh Andi, you have arrived my sister!
    These photos are PHENOMENAL !
    i couldn't be prouder of you if I tried. I especially love the ones of the “inanimate objects” the guitars lined up, the headphones, the harmonica. You have such an amazing eye, so much talent and I am so glad the rest of the world is getting to see it as well as me.
    Brava Andrea !
    i love you!

  2. These pictures are amazing!! Great job honey! I tried to pick a favorite but I'm having a hard time.:)


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