A very impromtu love affair with Baby Hayden

Ever met somebody that you instantly fall in love with?  Well…such was the case for me when I observed one of God’s precious creations…lying there in his slumber amidst the on-goings of an Independence Day celebration at our friend Cindy’s house.  It’s always interesting to me what you can learn by observing, and in this case, I piggybacked on Hayden’s serenity while the music was pumping and the laughter was circulating around us…he did not awake crying but opened his eyes ready to partake in his environment and looked at me invitingly, as if to say: “hello lady – come in and see me”…so that’s what I did…


  1. Andrea,
    Thank you for taking these beautiful photos of my baby grandson, Hayden!
    (Mason's mom)


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