Golden Box Special Events

Event coordination and design services by Sheila – Golden Box.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure working with Sheila now a couple of times.  Not only does she have a fabulously creative way of putting events together, she is also the hardest worker I know, always putting her blood, sweat, and tears into each occasion.  Sheila has a real knack in realizing her clients’ style and wishes, and she knows how to work within their budget.  But my favorite thing about Sheila is that she loves and lives exuberantly and that is pretty amazing knowing the tough road she’s walked all her life.  She is a Godsend to me.

I can say with certainty that anybody who has ever hired Sheila has had their expectations exceeded.  Here is just a small example of the work she did at Maryam and Franco’s wedding in Huntington Beach this June (I’ll also post some pictures I grabbed of the bride, groom, and other wedding details)…so kick back and turn the music on and enjoy the ride…


  1. Wow, seriously the best I have seen!!!!!

  2. WOW… We for shure need some of these ones for our portfolio !!!


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