Andi Goerlitz

I’m not usually one to be star struck.  However, in the case of Andreas Goerlitz, I am.  Not for the reason one is usually star struck but because Andi is one of the sweetest, with a cherry on top, kinda people you’ll ever meet.  Andi started playing soccer at age 6 and his accomplishments since then have been many.  He played for FC Bayern Muenchen, Karlsruher SC, and the German National Soccer Team.  He currently plays soccer with FC Ingolstadt 04 sporting number 37.

But his talent does not end with soccer, Andi also plays guitar in the band Room 77 and I had the distinct pleasure to listen in on the demo for their second album – you’re gonna have to stay tuned for that.

Good people are usually surrounded by good people, and in this case there is no exception to that rule.  The past 10 days have been such a blessing hosting Andi, his girlfriend, Meli, and Room 77s drummer, Michael.  Never have I been more delighted to open my home and my heart to a group of Menschen – and the tears were a rollin’ today when we had to say our farewells.  Gino and I encouraged each other over dinner tonight with the thought that we have made friends for life.


  1. WOW WOW WOW !!!

  2. Sehr Schoen, und auch schoen sentimental geschrieben. Vielleicht habe Ich auch Mal die Ehre :)


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