Keb Mo’s Bluesamericana

Keb Mo’s Bluesamericana

I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot Keb Mo in various different settings – at Footprints, a vintage record store and a laundromat here in Long Beach, a live show at Humphry’s in San Diego and at the Newport Hyatt, and in Lieper’s Fork, TN during a visit to Puckett’s. Each time it was different and yet so familiar. That’s how it is when you spend any length of time with Keb. He’s one of those kinds of peeps – in who’s presence you just settle in. His stage persona is much like the real-life guy. If you’ve ever seen a Keb Mo show you’ll relate to what I’m talking about–he’s a story teller who weaves his observations about life in a humorous way, and he’s not shy to open up subjects a lot of people try to avoid. You may or may not agree with him but you’ll more than likely be captivated by his charm and certainly drawn in by his laugh. It’s not surprising to me that he has a loyal following and what makes his music so great is that it comes from his soul. His new album, Bluesamericana is as to be expected another extension of Keb…give it a listen and enter into his world.

The photograph he chose for the cover of Bluesamericana is an image I shot when he pulled a guitar off of Puckett’s wall and began his own little jam session on a summer afternoon in the sleepy town of Lieper’s Fork–it was really quite magical…




Now available on iTunes

Super excited to see another photograph of mine being used on the cover of Discussion magazine – you just gotta love that face!

Keb Mo Discussions Cover (Screen Shot)


Oh, and if you haven’t seen Keb Mo live yet – here’s your chance – he’s coming to the Doheney Blues Festival on May 18, 2014 – get your tickets here


IMG_5418-TAL…and be sure to turn the volume up!

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