Project Desert Throne


A throne, a truck, a camera, a dry lake, and some good friends…

It all started when Thomas of Thomas Lichtenwalter Photography called me up one day and told me about his idea of taking our red throne into a desolate place.  It didn’t take long before he had booked his flight and so the idea was transformed into reality.  After scouting out the place he had envisioned, we loaded up the truck (thank you Cara and Robert for swapping cars, and thank you Gino for your muscle and encouragement), joined forces with Jeremy of Lucero Photography, and headed towards San Bernardino.  And as it is with like-minded peeps who are born of the same cloth, seeing the different ideas come to fruition was an experience that will bond us together in a special way (hope I’m not speaking out of line here).  It also brought us new excitement about photography (if that is even possible).  I couldn’t help but think of The Doors when they went to the desert to recharge their creative battery and produced some of rock music’s most unique and poetic songs.  Being out in the desert where it was so quiet and peaceful, where the only sound to be heard was the sweet sound of the shutters closing and the thoughts in our own heads.
The outcome…well…see for yourself…the birth of Red Throne International Photography


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