Fine Art Prints & Canvas Prints Now Available

Fine Art Prints & Canvas Prints Now Available

Bring this “STARRY NIGHT” photograph into your home printed on the high-quality canvas uniquely nestled into a brushed metal frame. STARRY NIGHT can be purchased for a mere $220 in a 20×9 float-framed canvas. If you prefer a mirror-wrapped canvas, I can do that as well! A 20×9 mirror-wrapped canvas mounted on a 1.5 inch wood frame is currently offered at $150. Other sizes are also available.

My orders are fulfilled by a US company that offers lifetime guarantees on their craftsmanship and they use the finest canvas available.

You can also choose fine art prints, unstretched canvas prints, and metal prints.  For order fulfilment, please contact me at 562-477-3881 to discuss your specific needs. I can also be reached via email at



If STARRY NIGHT is not your thing, you may like “REACHING FOR THE SUN,” which can be ordered as a 19×9 stretched canvas in a float frame or mirror-wrapped canvas as outlined above.


“ILLUMINATED” is another alternative…shall I go on?


For a more traditional size, you may select “BEARDED MAN” printed on a 24×16 canvas, for instance. The deep blue tones in this image are sure to pop!


“ROAD TO NOWHERE” may draw you in…or,


“LIFE-GIVING DECAY” illustrates the cycle of life, and may be a meaningful addition to your own life.


Perhaps you’d like to tap into your native side and would appreciate “THE AFTERMATH.”


Similarly, “STRANDED” may be calling to you.


“GROUNDED” may warm your heart and your walls.


“SUNBATHING” will bring a permanent glow to your home…


“SWEPT AWAY” might be a welcome change in scenery…


‘THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME” for all you musicians at heart…










Let’s stay “CONNECTED”

Please feel free to browse THE DESERT post for other photographs that are all available for purchase.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Again, you can contact me via phone (562) 477-3881, via this site, or via email at

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