Keb Mo In Leiper’s Fork, TN

Keb Mo In Leiper’s Fork, TN

I was hired to shoot a wedding in Montreat, North Carolina (near Asheville) so I decided to bring my husband and son and make an adventure out of it!  This was the first time for me in the South and I really enjoyed connecting with the Country Girl in me.  As part of our trip, we visited our friends Robbie, Kevin, and Carter who moved from West L.A. to Franklin, TN a year or so ago.  Franklin is just outside of Nashville so it’s a great fit for them as it facilitates growth and inspiration for Keb’s music career.

One of my favorite days was when Robbie and Keb took us to a small town called Leiper’s Fork. It just so happens that there is an eight-page spread called “This is a story of small-town America” in this month’s issue of Country Living about this very town and the very vibey grocery store/eatery/gas station/music venue – Puckett’s Grocery (you gotta love that in and of itself). It was here that I ate the best bbq pulled pork ever, but the food was secondary to the good ol’ Southern hospitality we received from the Robinsons and the feeling of home and quietness of the soul. The owner of Puckett’s, Rob Robinson, says it best “We’ve still got that old country-store appeal where you sit down on the bench with an ice cream, and your blood pressure drops about 20 points.”

Describing this day to adequately relay the feeling is challenging but worth the effort.  So, Keb walks over to the back wall and pulls off an old somewhat dusty Silvertone guitar and Rob promptly wheels out his “matching” Silvertone amp.  When Keb asks if he’s got a slide Rob says: “we improvise in these parts of the country” and Gino brought over an empty Coke bottle.  This is when the magic happens – the room is filled with that ol’ time sound that takes you back to simpler days.

As I was going through the pictures it all came flooding back to me and certain subtleties became more apparent and meaningful…don’t miss the Yo Gabba Gabba shoes for instance, and the American Flag in the background.  You’ll notice the Coke bottle of course, but don’t miss the dust on the head (not Keb’s – the guitar’s).  There are numerous other things that I loved about this day…like, hanging with good folks the likes of Keb and Robbie and watching Carter and Aiden play.  It’s a memory that I’ll always cherish – it’s the stuff the good life is made of!

Click HERE to here Keb’s rendition of America the Beautiful as performed recently at the White House! It’s bound to enhance your experience of this blog post…

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