Jen and Roger

Jen and Roger are both playful and enjoy a lot of the same things…gaming, comics, and books for instance.  I can see how they immediately clicked when they became reacquainted with each other (I guess they used to attend the same school).
I want to share a lil’ story that will go down in my book of “sweetness.” As part of my contract I have clients fill out a section that gives me an idea of any special family dynamics, special wishes, etc.  At the bottom of the list I ask: “Anything Else?” Roger, who appeared to be in charge of the whole planning process, wrote in answer to that question: “Jen is beautiful!” to which I let out a big awhhhhh when I read it.  Stuff like that always gets me.
Jen and Roger…thank you for letting me experience and capture you on your BIG day…
Waverly Chapel, Santa Ana

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  1. how sweet! that's where we got married too. So many great shots you got!


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