A Slam By Julian Wyatt

Normally I do not veer from photography on this blog, but I have to make an exception today.  One of the things that connects us as people (other then the fact that we all come from the same life force, the same Creator) is that we relate to each other because we’ve all felt sadness, joy, love, loss, etc – that’s what makes a movie really good when it takes you to an all familiar place.  I’ve always enjoyed poetry and other uses of our language that is thought provoking and profound.Here, my Nephew, Julian (12), wrote this “Slam” (I didn’t even know what that was until my sis explained it to me – if you don’t know – you’ll have to look it up).   I find it very deep and the simplicity of it actually makes it all the more insightful.

Proudly being Julian’s first publisher – here it is…

Adios, au revoir, hasta la vista, auf wiedersehen
Goodbye, goodbye
I’ve had to say that word too many times before
Like when I was little and moved houses
Goodbye house
When my great grandma died
Goodbye grandma
My amazing aunt moved away
Goodbye auntie
When my hamster Fu-Fu died
Goodbye Fu-Fu
The list just grows
Goodbyes bring tears, sadness, heartache
As you push down the emotions, you take
A breath from the air of the sky- yet you
Still think about how you said… goodbye
But there are good goodbyes
When dad’s throat cancer went away and he could sing again Another day
Goodbye cancer
But usually it’s the sad moment when you have to rap it all up
I don’t get why those words are together
Good, and bye
Those words should never be seen near each other
Saying bye is not usually a good thing,
Unless you’re leaving a boring store
How about “badbye”, or “sadbye”
But you just have to be tough and say it…goodbye
When I leave the fantastic foliage of my grand parent’s property
Goodbye grandma, and grandpa
The subtle moment of sadness starts
And it begins to break your heart
Sometimes it’s other people saying
Goodbye to you
You may not know it, but they’re probably
Feeling the pain too
The good thing about all of this sadness though
Is that before you say goodbye, you get to say
… hello. 

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